Saturday, April 16, 2005

Oracle Customers Achieve 150% ROI Over 5 Years using Grid Computing

Oracle Grid Computing customers are achieving an average of 150 percent return on investment (ROI) over five years, according to an independent study from Mainstay Partners. The study, which included the Chicago Stock Exchange, Dell, Electronic Arts, Ohio Savings Bank, the University of Oslo, and Vanderbilt University, found that participants achieved, on average:

150 percent ROI with a 43 percent internal rate of return
123 percent savings (first year), 278 percent projected savings (five years) on hardware
24 percent software savings and 10 percent computing performance improvement

The study found that customers have benefited significantly by migrating from traditional, high-end SMP platforms to lower-cost, standardized grids of Intel-based servers running Oracle 10g on Linux.

Oracle 10g is an integrated solution comprising Oracle Database 10g, Oracle Real Application Clusters 10g, Oracle Application Server 10g, and Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g. With an enterprise grid infrastructure, organizations are increasing the flexibility, performance, and scalability of their IT systems while lowering operating costs.

Free ROI Studies & Videos

Chicago Stock Exchange: study (PDF), video Play (1 min.)
Dell Eurostar: study (PDF)
Dell GEDIS: study (PDF)
Ohio Savings Bank: study (PDF), video Play (1 min.)
University of Oslo: study (PDF), videoPlay (1 min.)
Vanderbilt University: study (PDF), video Play (1 min.)

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