Monday, June 27, 2005

AMD and SUN wins hotly contested Cluster bid

Griffith University has awarded the contract to SUN to provide its latest 128 cpu cluster. The cluster will run Fedora Core 3 from Redhat Open Source fundation. It will be supported by inhouse and OSS support services.
"We are also collaborating with colleagues at the Advanced Computing Laboratory at Los Alamos National Laboratory on the use of Clustermatic 5, a collection of new technologies being developed specifically for cluster architecture set-up and management," says Andrew Lewis, manager of research computing services at Griffith University
The contest was a very interesting contest between high wire players in the field like DELL, HP and IBM.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

My contribution to World Community Grid

Well It is now 50,000 points. The rank is 14331 among 70000 members. This is a collection of 112,846 devices among those members. I do not feel bad for being in my current rank. It is because the top ranked people and groups are such like IBM corporation, Slashdot group etc.
The points generated list provides the first 1000 with higher ranks and I am not even near that! But I will get there.
In the mean time please wisit the site to see my scores and to join the project. It is for a good cause.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Just past 45000 mark

My contribution to World Community Grid has past 45000 mark. Well the rank is;
Points Generated (Rank) 45,733 (#15,123)
Results Returned (Rank) 205 (#12,983)
I want to do more.
see the results page here.

New Linux Clusters from HP

Hp Has upgraded it's HP SFS system for linux allowing 35GB/second transfers.It has increased the capacity to 512TB while cutting the price in half to $44000.
"We were able to reduce what it costs to get into the system by half," Koeninger, product manager said. "We found [the original list price of $80,000 to $90,000] to be too high a threshold for people to kick the tires."
StorageWorks Grid divides storage, indexing, search and retrieval tasks across a set of computing nodes or storage "smart cells." Each smart cell acts as a storage server that works in parallel with other smart cells on the grid, delivering info in real time.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Another update to my Grid's, Just passed 40000 mark! But still a long way to go before I can get in to the top user list.
see it here

Monday, June 06, 2005

Pay-as-you-use GRID solution for Europe

EU is going in the way of pay-as you-use for grid solution.
The European Commission's Commissioner responsible for Information Society, Viviane Reding, made an important speech yesterday on the subject of Pay-as-you-use Computing Power for All – Europe and the Key Role of Grid Technology.

This is the full text of her speech:

"I am very pleased to be here today to share with you my views on the steps that need to be taken to stimulate a European Research Area for Grid Technologies that can help boost innovation, creativity and competitiveness in the European Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Media sectors.

read more here