Saturday, July 22, 2006

Good @ GRID? Get $50000 from Sun!

Sun Microsystems has announced new promotional programs to attract developer to it's Grid Computing Utilities. Better late than never!
The programs include developer access to 100 free CPU hours on the Sun Grid, a $100,000 prize contest, a private project space for independent software vendors, and a Compute Server community project.
If you don't want to use SUN GRID, you can develop using Compute Server Plugin for NetBeans.
For normal usage, Sun Grid provides an easy and affordable access to an enormous computing resource for the predictable and all-inclusive price of $1/CPU-hr. Sun Grid provides zero barriers to entry and exit. You can access the computing power you need, when you need it, with no hidden costs, without a long-term contractual obligation, and increase or decrease your usage as your demand requires.
If you are interested, may be it is better to start here and the then get the compute server release from there. In any case it is better to how others grid!

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