Friday, August 25, 2006

GRID 2006 is almost here

The 7th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Grid Computing
Barcelona, September 28th-29th 2006
he previous events in this series were: Grid 2000, Bangalore, India; Grid 2001, Denver; Grid 2002, Baltimore; Grid 2003, Phoenix; Grid 2004, Pittsburgh; and the sixth event, Grid 2005 in Seattle, which I attended and reported. I have registered for this too but having second thoughts, if I can nt have my notebook on the long flight.
All of these events have been successful in attracting high quality papers and a wide international participation. Last year's event attracted about 400 registered participants. From the second event through the sixth, we have been known as the Grid Workshop affiliated with the Supercomputing SC conference series. For this, our seventh event, we will convene our first meeting as a conference and this year we will be co-located with the 2006 cluster conference.

Registration is currently open and ends on september 4th.
4 workshops will be held as part of the Cluster2006 conference:

On Monday morning (25 September 2006), the following half-day workshops will take place:

* Multi-core Programming Topics for HPC Applications,
Organizers: Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC),
Contact: Karl W. Schulz (
* HiperIO: Workshop on high-performance I/O techniques and deployment of Very Large Scale I/O Systems,
Organizers/Contacts: Jesus Carretero (, Barney Maccabe (, and Felix Garcia (

On Thursday (28 September 2006), the following full-day workshops will take place, beginning after the Grid2006 keynote:

* HeteroPar'06: Fifth International Workshop on Algorithms, Models and Tools for Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous Networks,
Organizers/Contacts: Alexey Lastovetsky ( and Domingo Gimenez (
* RAIT 2006: Third Workshop on Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA): Applications, Implementations, and Technologies,
Contacts: Jim Pinkerton ( and Hemal Shah (

Here are important dates related to the conference;
September 1, 2006 Early registration deadline
August 4, 2006 Last-minute Technical Paper Submission Due
August 15, 2006 Last-minute Technical Paper Acceptance Notification
August 25, 2006 Last-minute Technical Paper final version Due
September 26-28,2006 Post-Conference Workshops and Tutorials
September 25-27,2006 Conference

The conference will be held in Spain and Barcelona is a beutiful place. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. The city's two thousand year history has left its mark on Barcelona's architectural, artistic, and cultural heritage. Its excellent international communications, its Mediterranean climate, and its cosmopolitan atmosphere make is a privileged city indeed.

Barcelona is Europe's southernmost port, where Romans, Arabs, Christians, and other civilizations have given the city a multicultural flavor. Streets and squares are full of monuments and sculptures, both classic and Mediterranean, evidence of a great passion for art the makes Barcelona an open-air museum. Take part in the future of computing while indulging yourself in historical wonderland.

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