Thursday, August 17, 2006

How to go to the center of the GRID! Oracle 10G that is!!

I have not been there but I did read an article at gridtoday "Management of Oracle RAC 10g"
The Oracle Real Application Clustering (RAC) model is revolutionizing the database landscape, providing a more flexible structure to scale databases while maintaining high availability on commodity hardware. However, a RAC environment requires complex coordination between various components of the data center, encompassing storage, the operating system, networking, cluster engine, and the database. This complexity poses significant challenges for even the most well-staffed and competent IT organizations.
GridApp's D2500 appliance eases management of Oracle RAC by providing rapid scalability, one-click cluster deployment and simplified management with a more dynamic graphical user interface. The combination of GridApp's appliance and Oracle RAC creates the industry's most advanced platform for clustered database computing, resulting in greater operational efficiencies, reduced costs and improved control and stability over database assets.

"Now more than ever, enterprises dealing with increasing amounts of data need to develop a new way of thinking about the management of their mission-critical database assets," said Rob Gardos, president and CEO of GridApp Systems. "GridApp is committed to serving Oracle users by providing innovative automation tools and services that enable organizations to take advantage of the world's most powerful and flexible database solution -- without the management challenges and resource headaches that plague today's IT departments."
If you are looking for a solution based on Oracle, checkout Gridapps offerings, you might get free RAC licenses! This it what I read on their site!
GridApp Systems has fundamentally transformed the reality of RAC deployment by offering the first complete, end-to-end solution for Oracle RAC. Instead of grappling with problems of storage, clusterware, filesystems, versions, operating system configuration, and other complex problems, GridApp’s database appliance makes RAC a snap to deploy and a dream to manage. And for a limited time we’re throwing in FREE Oracle RAC licenses, making the value unbeatable.

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