Thursday, August 03, 2006

Windows is best platform for GRID? Dan's Boss says so!!

Well the CEO from Digipade thinks so! What he says actually is "Windows is optimal OS for grid computing"! Well it is a good read even if you are an ardent Linux or any other OS fan like me.
I usually checkout my fellow blogger Dan Ciruli's site, at least once a week. (Not just because he links me!) Because I learn a lot about Windows side of the story from his articles, be it about lunches at conferences or how to troubleshoot grid in .NET. I usually admire his work and learn a lot for my open source excel on grid project! (It is still hidden from public views as I am ashamed of the code I have so far!!)
Any way back to the story, I found the powers un filtered site through Dan's connections to Digipede. Is it power SUN filtered? Or powers unfiltered? Find out yourself by visiting the site. Also Dan's site as well.
The banner story is a result of an article published by PC WELT, PC WORLD (Germen version), titled;
Linux is optimal OS for grid computing, says Oracle
It starts with "The modular approach to computing underlies the major IT evolution that is currently taking place. And although the evolution itself has been called many things ? Grid, utility, adaptive enterprise, on demand ? Its main impetus is to enhance interoperability and to help the IT industry deliver better products at reduced costs, said Guy Cross, director, Business Development, Oracle Asia Pacific Linux Business Unit."
Well the article is too short for any intelligent information, ask any GRID vendor or person like me, you will have the same basic advise the article gives.
Dan's Boss does a good rebuke and "O3" people might learn something from it. I am an openly "O3" guy, but I don't down right bash windows either. In fact I am working on a project that deploys Oracle "GRID" on windows 2003 platform. We are having a ton of problems getting windows behave on blades from a reputable vendor but that is not a grid on windows problem.
Well go ahead read and rebuke him, PC WELT or Dan for that matter, if you are interested! My opinion is it was worth to write about!


Dan Ciruli said...

Thanks for the plug!

See you at Grid World in September?

ravenII said...

Yes Dan,
I am looking forward to it!