Thursday, April 07, 2005

Application Clustering Solution Provider Emic Joins ObjectWeb Consortium

Emic provides its clients with integrated application clustering solutions with a specific expertise on LAMP and LAMJ (Linux(TM), Apache, MySQL(R) and PHP/Python/PERL or JSP/J2EE(TM)) stacks. Emic's middleware product offerings are designed to serve the needs of enterprises increasing their adoption of open source for mission critical IT infrastructures and enable them to achieve maximum scalability and reliability while maintaining a fast return on investment.

For more than three years, ObjectWeb has fostered the growth of a business ecosystem where industry stakeholders leverage open-source middleware to create value and run successful business models. Emic's business objective is in keeping with this rationale. On the technical side, ObjectWeb members have a proven track record of effectiveness in the development of industrial grade open source middleware, including JOnAS, a J2EE 1.4(TM) certified application server. Several ObjectWeb projects, backed by research teams from academia and industry, focus on clustering and grid computing.

"Deployment in production of infrastructure software highly depends on the availability of a wide range of professional service offers and complementary products," said Christophe Ney, executive director, ObjectWeb. "We are delighted to welcome innovative companies such as Emic whose cutting-edge products and professional services play a pivotal role in bringing open-source middleware to the heart of the mainstream market."

Emic has also hired Emmanuel Cecchet as principal architect for its clustering solutions that support Java applications. Mr. Cecchet has been serving as ObjectWeb's chief architect for over one year and leads C-JDBC, an ObjectWeb middleware technology for relational database clustering. Prior to joining Emic, he contributed significantly to a Rice University study of scalable, high-performance and highly available e-business servers and carried researches at INRIA (French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) on open-source middleware for large-scale data servers. Mr. Cecchet has a Ph.D. from the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France.

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