Saturday, April 16, 2005

Oracle and Partners Announce Project MegaGrid

In an effort to develop a standard approach to building and deploying an enterprise grid infrastructure that can outperform traditional big iron solutions at a fraction of the cost, Oracle, Dell, EMC, and Intel have partnered to form Project MegaGrid. By offering a single, validated set of deployment best practices for grid computing, Project MegaGrid addresses these and many other challenges:
Reducing Cost: Predefined and pre-tested technology combinations help save money by minimizing downtime, and simplifying the deployment and management of grid infrastructures.
Improving Quality of Service: End-to-end testing, validation, and documentation of clustering, load balancing, and high availability configurations enables IT to set reliable service levels for the business with fast response times.
Reducing Risk: Validated solutions and cooperative engineering minimize downtime and expedite maintenance and support processes.
Managing Growth: Joint Grid solutions revolve around scalability and centralized management to accommodate growth in hardware and users at a low cost.
Accelerating Time to Value: Pre-tested, validated best practices simplify and accelerate deployment time for customers.

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