Monday, April 11, 2005

quantum leap in tape back-up of Network Appliance NAS filers

Users of NetApp NAS systems can now perform tape backups faster and consolidate them more efficiently in the Dynamic Data Center. The CentricStor open storage solution by Fujitsu Siemens Computers virtualizes the processing of magnetic tapes in heterogeneous environments. The virtual tape appliance makes it possible to secure data rapidly and simultaneously from a large number of NAS filers via NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol). CentricStor’s numerous parallel virtual tape drives also accelerate tape back-up of single NAS filers without the added expense of extra real tape drives. Compared to a comparable solution using real tape drives, this represents a considerable improvement in terms of the cost and speed of backups. Because CentricStor supports any type of system - open systems, mainframes, NAS filers - it permits efficient consolidation of the entire tape back-up in the data centre.

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