Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Grid Resources for Industrial Applications 1.1.0 is out

GRIA is Grid middleware which enables commercial use of the Grid in a secure, interoperable and flexible manner.

GRIA enables:

* industrial users to trade computational resources on a commercial basis to meet their needs more cost-effectively;
* service providers to rent out spare CPU cycles, thus attaining better utilization; and
* clients to hire those CPU cycles, thus providing them with access to HPC when they need it.

GRIA makes use of business models, processes and semantics to allow resource owners and users to discover each other and negotiate terms for access to high-value resources.

GRIA implements an overall business process to find, procure and utilise resources capable of carrying out high-value, expert-assisted computations.

By focusing on business processes and the associated semantics, GRIA enables users to provision for their computational needs more cost effectively, and develop new business models for some of their services.

Services from different providers can be combined together to create applications using a simple and easy-to-use API.

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