Saturday, April 01, 2006

Apple is 30 years old and I remember my Apple II

I did not have the chance to own the original apple but I managed (nagged) my parents enough to buy me an Apple II. I even had a 5MB hard Drive attached to it!. Well that is the computer I started doing business. (although I was pretty young). I wrote visicalc procedures for several business'. Added modifications to the flight simulator. Well if you could call it a one. It was black and green graphics, I did enjoy it though. I even had it connected to my grand pa's computer (mainframe at the University) through 300 boud modem!. I was The Kid on the Block!! Thanks Apple.
Eventually I made enough money to buy me an IBM PC at $2500.00 or so at that time, for 8088 based PC with two floppy drives and 640KB memory. I had 128KB on my Apple II.

Since then I have gone through a few Apples, Mac's but I have gone in to the world of IBM PC world. My newest Mac, which I use frequently, is PowerMAC G3, Pretty old by MAC standards. Alas it runs Linux and I use it for my grid research as a node.
But I do have fond memories of my apples and Steve Jobs was one of my hero's to date. But at that time I remember liking Steve WoZniac better at that time. May be because he developed the Hardware.
So on WIRED I saw an article and images by Steven Weyhrich. I have included some of them here, and I will preserve them.
Best of all to you Apple, I always liked Apples and Macs, even modified your BIOS, sold and made money during Mac Classic era!! I am even glad to say I hated Apple when the Pepsi Cola buffoon was running it.
One thing I can say is there will always be an Apple near me, Even a Grid of Apples(MAC Servers) when I am at the Campus.
Again, Best of Luck APPLE!!!
As I mentioned WIRED carries a few articles and Graphics, go there, you will certainly have an eye and a mindful.

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