Thursday, April 06, 2006

Google gets San Francisco and I may have a city wide Grid

According to an article here on IP Telephony Blog, Google and Earthlink team will provide the wireless services (free from google, may be 128Kb/s and paid from earthlink) soon.
First thought came to my mind was to create a grid service that would run on the free wireless network. What the City wants? May when a garage has parking available, transmit the information to your laptop or cell phone! (It is so hard to find parking here in SF, and when you do find, you might pay $2.75 per 15 min!!).
Or a party Sign site, live party music and info, city radio! Ohh, this is too much for now. Read more at IP Telephony.......VOIP IP Telephony: San Francisco picks Google for its Wireless!

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