Monday, April 03, 2006

Unthinkable has happened, in three steps! Step one M$ supports Linux...

On their virtual Server.!
According to this Registrar article, Microsoft is trying to corner the Virtualization market in three steps;
"Microsoft today lobbed three massive bombs into the server virtualization market. First off, it will now support - wait for it - Linux, when the OS is running on top of its Virtual Server product. Secondly, Microsoft has made Virtual Server free. And, in a move few thought possible, Microsoft has teamed with the developers of the open source Xen product to gang up on server slicing leader VMware."
Well may be they might try to run grid off Linux?
But if you are a trus Linux fan, you can do with the XEN on linux. Xen has gone enterprise and look forward to support hardware level Virtualization. I still go to the old Xen site get my Xen. You can also goto Virtual Iron to get it but then you will have wait till June!.

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