Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fox taking care of Hens / M$ in ODF (OASIS OpenDocument Format.) ISO vote reconciling!

I first read this at groklaw and then at the Andy Updegrove's blog. I am at lost to this information. How can M$ a competitor to ODF be in a position to vote? After all these years M$ just decided to join. In the light of M$'s submitting its XMLRS to European standards group Ecma last fall, as a first step towards an ISO submission, I am sure M$ is in the position to delay ODF, as much as they can.
What Groklaw's Pamela said
"I am imagining ODF plodding along, with Microsoft asking questions, fine combing through the comments, "did you mean this or that?", getting bogged down in minutiae until, lo and behold, either Microsoft's XML makes it as an ISO standard first, or they arrive neck and neck."
Exactly my thoughts.
What grid and gridtech got to do with this? Well if you have that question it is time to google "ODF". Also visiting above sites certainly will help.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Microsoft is 10 years behind!

I would have said since M$ was doing the harm to whole world with it's proprietary office techniques for a while now, and it is 10 years forward in that aspect. Open office did not have the time that M$ had to Corner the market. But we will see in a few years, when people realize the benefits.
But Erwin at SUN in his blog gives much better description. Head over there and read it.
Why grid blog harping about M$! Lets say I try to use Open source as much as possible and I am in the middle of it!