Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Backup and recover MySQL with Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL

I know a lot of people who uses MySQL for their Grid projects and other projects. I use MySQL extensively on Linux and other platforms. It is not only for experimental projects. I use MySQL in production as well.
For many years, I have tried many a backup solutions but recently came across Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL and now I am a happy camper. I can backup all my servers, both local and remote.
Here is some information about this great application;
The latest release of ZRM for MySQL includes enhancements designed to improve support for remote MySQL servers, fine-tune ZRM for optimal backup, and deliver more flexible reporting. New features include:

* Support for incremental backup for remote MySQL servers to reduce the load on MySQL server and network during backup.
* Ability to backup a database across a firewall
* Support for encryption and compression of backup images
* New pluggable architecture
* A scheduling plug-in that lets DBAs postpone backups based on DBA-defined thresholds
* Pre- and post-backup plug-ins that allow a DBA to perform certain actions on MySQL before or after backup
* New, more flexible formatting for backup reports. For example, backup reports can be automatically received via RSS feed making it easier to consolidate reports for a dashboard or any monitoring application

In addition to the above information Zmanda has done backup and recovery benchmarks. Well those benchmarks shows me that ZRM has half the transfer rates as my own home build iSCSI SAN. 2-way Red Hat Enterprise 4 server with 4 GB of memory was able to copy large files with an average transfer rate of 37 Mb/s. I think that is fast!
You can read more about the ZRM benchmark and get the detailed benchmark white paper by following the links below.
Zmanda also provides the leading open source backup solution, Amanda Network Backup and Recovery solution with service and support.

Backup and recovery benchmarks with Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL
Amanda: Network Backup and Recovery.