Sunday, April 02, 2006

New Gridway Meta Schedular is ready for download.

A new release of the GridWay meta-scheduler is now available for download from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. GridWay works with GRAM, MDS and RFT.If you are unfmiliar with the Gridway, I would suggest visiting the site.
GridWay 4.0,introduced an architecture for the execution manager module based on a MAD (Middleware Access Driver) to interface Grid execution services. The new release takes advantage of this architecture to implement an information manager module with a MAD that interfaces Grid information services, and a transfer manager module with a MAD that interfaces Grid data services. This will also decouple the scheduling process from the dispatch manager through the use of a external and selectable scheduler module. One could expect some application performance gains with this new architecture.

Benefits to the user;
1. No configuration needed to interface Grid Information Systems, GridWay 5.0 will be shipped with drivers to interface: MDS2, MDS2 (Glue-schema), MDS4, and static host list file (Round-robin).

2. Resource Selection based on common resource attributes. The user no longer need to specify an LDAP or XPath filter, but a set of boolean expressions, function of the resource properties.

3. Resources will be ranked using a mathematical expression, function of the resource properties. GW will no longer support ad hoc programs to rank resources.

4. A new command will be added, gwhosts, that will show the resources available in the testbed, this command will mainly make used of the underlying information system driver for debugging purposes.

5. Some performance improvements since the overhead induced by the information retrieval overhead will be drastically reduced. This new brokering system will also allow to overlap the preparation (prolog stage) and termination (epilog stage) of two jobs submitted to the same host.

6. With the new Middleware Drivers, Prolog and Epilog stages no longer need to be executed through the GRAM service, Therefor one could expect an important improvement in the preparation and termination times.

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