Saturday, September 30, 2006

The SC06 Tech Papers program, all 54 of them.

The SC06 Tech Papers program represents hundreds of thousands of hours of research. A committee of 233 conducted peer reviews of 239 submissions, from over 900 authors, culminating in the selection of 54 papers for presentation in Tampa.

Papers are organized in sessions of three papers each, covering thefollowing topics:

* Architecture
* Memory
* Interconnect Routing and Scheduling
* Scalable Systems Software
* MPI and Communications
* MPI Tools and Performance Studies
* Grid Allocation and Reservation
* Grid Applications
* Grid Networks and Portals
* Grid Scheduling and Protocols
* Grid Resource Management
* Data Management and Query
* Imaging and Visual Analysis
* Biology
* Molecular Dynamics
* Particles and Continuum
* Tools and Techniques for Performance
* Blue Gene System Software

Five papers have been nominated for Best Student Paper and three more as SC06 Best Paper.
They are 54 sessions spread over three days, one can find the schedule here.

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