Sunday, October 08, 2006

Is the grid for me?

There is a very interesting discussion going on at /. About "to grid or not to grid", A user asks in askslashdot ""In my job at a (large) investment bank I am constantly being pushed to use grid technology. I have many problems with this (not least that our data center is at best 100 Mb/s and our software is actually more data than computation heavy). A typical batch job takes 10-30 minutes consisting of around 10,000 trades. I would far rather spend the time and money on multi-core machines and optimizing the software than on the latest fad technology. I am interested to hear from other people in a similar position and, in particular, why or why not they chose grid software over improving the existing code to leverage better processor technology, and which grid software they chose to use and why. Or, conversely, why they chose not to use grid software."
There are many a comments and advise together with IT staff and Management disagreements and wishes are brought forth.
I suggest that you at least browse through the discussion.

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