Monday, November 13, 2006

100Gigabit Ethernet? Yes they have it at SC06

A first-ever demonstration of 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100 GbE) technology by a team of industry partners, including Finisar, Infinera, Internet2, Level 3 Communications, and University of California at Santa Cruz, shows that 100 GbE technology is viable and capable of implementation in existing optical networks with 10 Gigabit/second (Gb/s) wavelengths.
The system successfully transmitted a 100 GbE signal from Tampa, Florida to Houston, Texas, and back again, over ten 10 Gb/s channels through the Level 3 network. This is the first time a 100 GbE signal has been successfully transmitted through a live production network. The 100 GbE system will be on display from November 14th to the 16th at the Infinera booth (Booth no. 1157) at the SC06 International Conference in Tampa. The system will be transmitting a 100 GbE signal to the Internet2 booth (Booth no. 1451) during the show.
"This new approach to providing 100 Gig Ethernet service over long distances enables LAN Ethernet protocols in the WAN environment," said Jack Waters, CTO of Level 3. "Compared to other methods that have been demonstrated, this is a practical, economical solution that operates over the wide area using existing DWDM technologies. We're pleased to have been involved with developing and testing this solution, and will be watching closely as it is commercialized."
The demonstration encodes a 100 GbE signal into ten 10 Gb/s streams using an Infinera-proposed specification for 100 GbE across multiple links. A single Xilinx FPGA implements this packet numbering scheme and electrically transmits all ten signals to ten of Finisar's 10 Gb/s XFP optical transceivers which in turn convert the signals to optics. These signals are then transmitted to an Infinera DTN DWDM system. For the long-distance demonstration, conducted last week, the 100 GbE signal was then handed off to Infinera systems within the Level 3 network where it was transmitted across the Level 3 network to Houston and back. This pre-standard specification for 100 GbE guarantees the ordering of the packets and quality of the signal across 10 Gb/s wavelengths and demonstrates that it is possible for carriers to offer 100 GbE services across today's 10 Gb/s infrastructure.
More info on 100GbE at SC06

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