Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cluster RFQ (request for quote) made easy

If you have ever wanted to get a RFQ (Request For Quote) from vendors, I am sure you may have run around the web, looking for vendors, filling out multiple forms and then comparing the replies to find the best match for you buck. There is a service now that will help you with hunting down vendors, filling out multiple forms, but the comparison part you will have to do yourself.
So who is providing this service and how much will it cost? is providing this service and it is totally free of charge and I think it a really good deal if you are in the market for Clusters or beginning to build a Grid resource.
From the's website describing the form;

"It takes time to visit different cluster vendor websites to request a quote. The LinuxHPC Cluster RFQ form was created to assist the Linux cluster community by reaching many vendors through this one form. LinuxHPC will assist you from filling out the form to the product arriving on your doorstep.

The LinuxHPC RFQ is a FREE service! You pay nothing!"
The process is also simple;
"The above listed vendors have a proven track record of delivering products and services to the Linux cluster community.

1. Fill out the form
2. A representative from LinuxHPC will contact you by phone or email
3. The LinuxHPC representative will go over the details of your request, as well as assist you with questions about the RFQ process
4. LinuxHPC will send out the RFQ to the vendors you are in full control of your RFQ
5. You will begin to see multiple responses to your RFQ
6. LinuxHPC will follow up with you and the vendors to ensure that you have received the desired response and experience from the vendors. In addition we will be available to assist you in any way we can during the RFQ process
So no more hundreds of form filling. Just a single form will reach hundreds of vendors."
This resource is not only for customers but as well for Vendors, where they could reach multiple customers seeking cluster solutions. The LinuxHPC is a well respected HPC computing resource and visited by many seeking HPC solutions, ideas, and support.
So get that RFQ today or provide a reply to a RFQ today. Visit
Following is a list of vendors who is listed on the site;
Accelerated Servers
Ace Computers
Advanced Clustering Technologies
AOES Group (EU)
Aspen Systems
Atipa Technologies
Cepoint Networks
Cluster Computing Systems (EU)
Cluster Resources
ClusterVision (EU) Compusys plc (UK)
ION Computer Systems
Linux Labs (Asia)
Livewire Lifescience Solutions
Linux Networx
Major Linux Computing
New Tech Solutions, Inc
Penguin Computing Pogo Linux
Quant-X (EU/ME)
Streamline Computing (UK)
Terra Soft Solutions
Tsunamic Tech.
Verari Systems
Western Scientific
LinuxHPC RFQ Form
Vendors can sign up here

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