Friday, November 03, 2006

Grid technology book for Savvy managers

There are not many books about grid technology since it is fairly new in the technology arena. There are quite few books published on Grid Technology but most of them are for IT folks or for developers. But the case is all these IT personnel or developers have to prove the technology to their managers. And in order to do so, one has to educate managers and I am sure they are not in the business of digging in to Grid technology in depth to understand the technology.
So what do the managers do, read the book!
Pawel Plaszczak, and Rich Wellner, Jr. from GridwiseTech, one of my favorite grid resources, have published a excellent book.
Grid Computing The Savvy Manager’s Guide covers what is needed to educate a manager on a grid technology.
This non-technical book on technical matters answers key questions on Grid computing in business terms.

* What really are grids? What is Grid technology?
* What are the business benefits of Grid-enabling the infrastructure?
* Why should I, as a savvy businessperson, be interested in grids?
* Should my company “plug in”?
* How do I get started? How to plan the move to Grid paradigm?
The book due to nature of the technology, has an online companion at savvygrid. They also carry other information such as errata, reviews, TOC, look inside and a discussion group. I enjoyed the Savvygrid site and it is a good introduction to the book and the reviews are a must read.

Savvygrid Book online
Gridwisetech site

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