Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Grid Comes to Web Hosting,

Media Temple webhosting services has announced that it is providing Grid based hosting plans. According to the media temple, Grid-Server services provide website hosting for others by means of clustering multiple networked servers. (mt) Media Temple’s Grid- Server services utilizes a completely new hosting platform that replaces yesterday’s obsolete shared server technology. We've eliminated roadblocks and single points of failure by using hundreds of servers working in tandem for your site, applications, and email. The Grid-Server program's on-demand scalability means you'll always be ready for intense bursts of traffic and the growing audience resulting from your online success. All of this power, controlled through our brand new AccountCenter, is available today for a price point unmatched by any competing service.

Then hunting the I found this gem, "MediaTemple Grid Server: Not Good for Sites with Multiple Developers" at
So if you are planing to host your multi agent, multi developer development project on this grid based service.
"Here at N1L, we’ve got a number of programmers who collaborate on projects, some that you’ve heard about and others still in the oven. We were active in the beta program for MediaTemple’s new Grid Server (GS). One thing we found is that the GS doesn’t play well with our projects that have multiple developers. Below, I’ll outline three ways that MediaTemple’s GS is not conducive to a collaborative environment. My hope is that this article provides a voice for change and improvement in the GS."

So follow the link and read the rest of the article that describes individual developer problems.

Media temple grid hosting
Not Good for Sites with Multiple Developers

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