Thursday, January 04, 2007

3Tera gives Grid Provisioning for Service Providers and more

Press Release
3Tera, Inc., the innovator of grid and utility computing solutions for online services and Layered Technologies, Inc., a leading hosting provider of self-managed, dedicated server platforms and services, today announced Layered Technologies will leverage 3Tera's AppLogic grid operating system to offer grid-based private servers and Web hosting services to its customers. The grid-based solution will provide Layered Technologies' customers with a new level of services such as quick and easy resource provisioning, instant high availability and on-demand scalability, and for the first time, they won't have to worry about how many, and what kinds of, servers they're running.

"Layered Technologies can now offer, in addition to the dedicated server model, the new easy-to-manage grid infrastructure to provide affordable Web hosting plans while achieving the ultimate in flexibility for hosting solutions," said Vlad Miloushev, president & CEO, 3Tera, Inc. "AppLogic eliminates the barrier between grid computing and Web applications so hosting providers like Layered Technologies can offer their customers an easy and cost-effective way to manage their own applications without ever having to worry about the infrastructure."

"Deploying Web applications on AppLogic-based private servers provides instant scalability and high availability to our customers," said Jeremy Suo-Anttila, CTO, Layered Technologies, Inc. "For example, grid disk failures become a non-issue as all the data volumes are constantly mirrored on multiple servers so the running application is never interrupted. Even the failure of a server becomes painless, as AppLogic will automatically provision replacement resources on the grid."

About the AppLogic Grid Operating System

AppLogic is the first and only grid operating system designed to run and scale existing transactional Web applications. The system is based on scalable grid architecture, advanced virtualization technologies and 3Tera's ground-breaking disposable infrastructure. AppLogic converts existing commodity servers into scalable shared grids that are easy to manage. Disposable infrastructure packages applications and the infrastructure required to run them into self-contained and portable entities. As a result, AppLogic enables users to easily deploy existing Web applications on a grid, instantiate and scale them without modification, and without requiring a SAN or other shared storage. By completely separating software from the hardware infrastructure traditionally needed to run it, AppLogic is enabling the first true utility services to be offered.

3Tera Grid OS

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