Monday, January 29, 2007

Run your Linux from a USB drive

How do I keep all those Linux configurations running and keep track of all these distributions and configurations. I kept my VMware images on a USB hard drive. Because I needed to run them or test them at different locations.
I also have some Knoppix live CDs remastered over and over to encompass changes or to add modules that were developed for projects.
But now I have a bunch of USB keys, ranging from 256MB to 4GB. I Stated all this by first getting my Knoppix 5.1 on an USB drive. With the help from Pen Drive Linux article which I have provided the link below.
Get all your Linux on a USB drive, I have a Knoppix DVD image on a usb Drive. So I can do all my work even if I am totally disconnected from the net.
I also have a bootable SD drive on my notebook, I will try to get my knoppix on it!
Knoppix 5.1 Release notes on PenDriveLinux
Pendrive Linux's Knoppix ready for USB Drive

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