Friday, February 09, 2007

MySQL-HA beta 0.6.8 is out

The MySQL-HA project has out dated the recently released Documentation by releasing MySQL-HA beta 0.6.8. I am still running 0.6.6 and may be this weekend I will upgrade to the new version.
MySQL-HA is a project to provide high availability to MySQL database environment. It is a set of utilities that provide high availability for databases using the mysql database server. includes ip address takeover, using a master node and a slave one. You find out more about this project by following the links provided below.

the goal of MySQL-HA is to provide a freely available and community supported clustering tool kit based on MySQL, and focused on service availability. The developers say that they dissect that sentence to reveal that it's not just a quick marketing trick, but a real mission statement.

MySQL-HA project site
MySQL-HA home page
MySQL-HA blog

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