Wednesday, June 27, 2007

64GB Flash SSD from SAMSUNG

Samsung has announced 64GB Flash SSD(Nand Flash-based Solid State Drive) to be used in notebooks and sub notebooks.
The drive it self is available in 2.5" and 1.8" sizes with 40 pin ATA interface and 50 pin interfaces respectively.
I think it is a boon to mobile users as power consumption drops dramatically with these drives. So does the noise generated by the normal hard drives. But why ATA, most notebooks nowadays come with SATA interfaces and perhaps may be even could be used as boot drive for servers. May be could give a boost to write ahead and binary logs, and for swap drives!

Here are the specifications according to Samsung site.

Unlimited Resistance against Impact : Over 1500G
No mechanical parts
Extended Operation Temperature Range From -25°C to 85°C
The lightest Storage Solution in the world

Fast Access Time and Read/Write Speed
Sequential Read Sector : Up to 58MB
Sustained Write Sector : Up to 32MB
<1ms src="" alt="" border="0" height="3" vspace="2" width="8">Fast Access Time and Read/Write Speed
Under 1msec, No Seek time
Built-in EDC and ECC function to correct 2 random bits for each 512 Bytes
Virtually no heat generation
No accoustic noise or vibration

PIO 0~4 mode.
Up to ATA5 and UDMA mode 4 (Ultra DMA66)

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