Monday, January 21, 2008

Microsoft To Take On VMware With Calista, Citrix On Its Side

In a move to push it's virtualization software efforts, Microsoft will announce series of of initiatives, the acquisition of privately held Calista Technologies, lowering of the price of Windows Vista used on virtualized computers, and an alliance with virtualization software company Citrix Systems. Microsoft will also permit, reversing its previous policy, all versions of Windows Vista, including the least expensive Vista Home Basic, to be virtualized.
Microsoft also confirmed its plans to deliver its Hyper-V virtualization software within six months of the launch of Windows Server 2008. The Hyper-V or hypervisor, a software layer that enables applications programs to run on virtualized hardware.
For years VMWare had the dominance of virtualization market with some minor players playing along in the windows platform. But the Linux and Unix where most virtualization happens has a few more competitors like XenSource, which I am using along side VMWare.
Before being bought by Citrix, XenSource already had a deal in place with Microsoft to work on sharing virtual machines across the companies' various virtualization products.
You can find more information at microsoft Virtualization summit

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