Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Apache, PHP and PostgreSQL. As A Stack For All Your OS Platforms,

Bitnami has released a new set of Infrastructure Stacks: LAPPStack, MAPPStack and WAPPStack. If you did not know what they are, it is time you get to know them.These stacks provide an easy to install distribution of Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP and supporting libraries. The user-friendly installer allows users to quickly install and configure a PHP-PostgreSQL platform on Linux, Windows and OS X. These also include phpPgAdmin, a management tool for PostgreSQL, to make administration tasks even easier.
LAPPStack for Linux, MAPPStack for MAC OS X and WAPPStack for of course windows. I have all my development machines that spans all three plaforms, supported by these stacks. If you are in the visinity of any web development, I suggest you pay a visit to BitNami.
You will also find that forum, wiki, CRM and document management applications such as Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress, DokuWiki, KnowledgeTree and SugarCRM are provided as packages for easy deployment. Now you know where I go to get mmost of my development stacks!
Info Source, BitNami Blog

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