Thursday, November 10, 2005

Another way to fight Patents!

I was browsing at Groklaw and this caught my eye. "Open Invention Network Begins Stockpiling Patents - UPDATED" and I thought another greedy bunch had started to take part in money hunt. But as I read the article, I was glad and made me smile, Thank you PJ.
The new nonprofit company, called Open Invention Network, is receiving an undisclosed amount of money from International Business Machines Corp., Sony Corp., Philips Electronics NV, Novell Inc. and Red Hat Inc. It plans to buy Linux-related patents, offering royalty-free licenses to companies and individuals that pledge not to assert their own patents against the network's other licensees. . . .
Well Yahoo News has this article and New York Times has this to say.
After reading all the articles, I wonder now if nasty people will start patenting Linux stuff so they can sell it this company!
AAAAGH! It never ends, Patents are like Vitamin A, take a little, and you are fine. Eat a Dog's liver (High concentration of Vitamin A), you are dead

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