Friday, November 18, 2005

Grid Is not only for research and Computing, There is a log fun in Grids!

The G-cluster Ltd. was founded in 2000 to meet the demand for high-quality gaming on broadband network connected thin clients such as set-top boxes and next generation wireless devices. By moving most of the processing to sophisticated server clusters, G-cluster has been able to achieve network and device independence and exceptional cost-effectiveness without sacrificing the quality of graphics or gameplay. The G-cluster Game System is currently successfully being deployed in several commercial pilots and is ready for large-scale deployment. Here you will find some more information.
They have announced that an agreement with game industry giant Capcom Co. to bring Capcom's blockbuster franchises to Club iT's G-cluster Gaming-on-Demand platform.

The latest releases of Capcom's console hit series such as Resident Evil(R), Onimusha(TM) 3: Demon Siege, and MegaMan(R) will be added to the G-cluster gaming portfolio, along with other popular arcade titles. The games will be made available on both PC and digital set-top box (STB) services in Japan and other countries worldwide starting this December. The deal means that any user connected to the G-cluster service via a broadband network can easily enjoy these Capcom favorites.

First batch of games to be available on G-cluster includes;

Resident Evil(R) 2

Resident Evil(R) 3: Nemesis

Onimusha(TM) 3: Demon Siege

Breath of Fire(R) IV

Chaos Legion

Dino Crisis 2

Mega Man(R) X5

Mega Man(R) X8
I think that is a lot of fun!, If you play these games.

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