Thursday, November 03, 2005

ODF served on a GRID! SUN is shining, Sit down and have a byte!

Using the new Sun Grid service, virtually any consumer with a Web browser will be able to upload proprietary documents, and have them automatically converted to Open Document Format (ODF). (The ODF is an XML-based industry standard file format specification for office productivity applications, including text, spreadsheet and graphical documents.)
Sun Microsystems intends to deliver on-demand network services to convert documents from native proprietary formats such as Microsoft Office into the Open Document Format (ODF), and also plans to deliver a service to convert text files to podcasts or audio files for playback at a later date. These introductions add more services to the company's catalog of grid services available via Sun's Grid Utility.
Sun plans to work with the open source community to enhance the OpenOffice and StarOffice platforms to leverage these services as native features. With more than 50 million downloads around the world, OpenOffice and StarOffice are the most rapidly growing productivity suites on the Internet, according to Sun.

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